Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) A new chapter in the justice of the Sarvajam Samaj:

Early Life:-

Our bright Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji was born on 17th May 1976 in a Kshatriya zamindar family of Roorkee, father’s name Shri Surendra Thakur and mother Satyavati Rana.  Sher Singh Rana ji’s grandfather was a big landowner of Roorkee. He owned thousands of bighas of land which was acquired by the government in the eradication of zamindari, even after that our Sher Singh Rana ji was reared amidst immense resources.  Satyavati Rana ji, the mother of our brilliant Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji, has been a learned woman who wanted to fill the character of Sher Singh Rana ji with Kshatriya rites so that he could lead the nation and society for nation building in the future.  She used to narrate the life stories of great people of Bharatbhoomi like Maharaja Pratap ji, Prithviraj Chauhan ji, Maharana Kumbha, Maharana Sanga. Our Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji would listen with interest and try to imbibe such great characters. That is why our fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji was determined to establish the indelible mark of valor of the last Indian Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan Ji on the land of India.


Sher Singh Rana ji did his primary education at St. Gabriel Academy, a prestigious school in Roorkee and after his graduation from DAV College Dehradun, the brilliant Sher Singh Rana ji was always ready and determined to serve the nation and society in the same order. During his graduation, he used to help the disabled and poor people around him and was thinking of taking this goal to a wider level by further enrolling in law studies.

Tihar Jail:-

On 25 July 2001, there was a turning point in the life of Sher Singh Rana ji, that stopped the pace of life of our fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji in the direction of nationalism. Sher Singh Rana ji’s name was dragged in the murder of Phoolan Devi, who had became a MP from dacoit. Our intense Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji and his comrades had to undergo very rigorous examination before the Indian judiciary and for 15 years in Tihar, they had to struggle very hard and face those tortures and bad behavior that even terrorists and professional criminals did not have to face in that jail. But even during this tough struggle, Sher Singh Rana ji, in keeping with his temperament and rites and following Kshatra Dharma, remained steadfast and adamant on the path of nationalism and kept nationalism always paramount.

Escape from Tihar Jail to bring back the ashes of Emperor Prithviraj ChauhanJi from Afghanistan:-

Afghans used to insult the samadhi of the last Indian Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan Ji of unbroken India, by throwing shoes on that tomb (this is what our country’s Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh Ji had told after coming to India from Kandahar Hijack). Sher Singh Rana ji escaped from Tihar to bring that samadhi, reached Afghanistan via Kolkata, Bangladesh, Dubai and defeated the Taliban from Deyak village of Ghazni and brought it to his country and dedicated at the feet of Bharat Mata. Finally, on 21 October 2016, the day came when Sher Singh Rana ji got the regular bail after 15 years of hard struggle, since 27 July 2001, and by the infinite grace of God he was present among all of us, Rashtrawadis.

Social life:-

Our bright Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji was always committed to social and national service in every situation, for which he even kept the family, which was equally involved in his struggle, as secondary. Towards this struggle, Sher Singh Rana Ji always rejected politics and political party and believed that through social organizations, he would be successful in his campaign.

Social journeys:-

Sher Singh Rana Ji’s social campaigns first started on 13 November 2016 when he went to Ahmedabad, on the land of Gujarat, for the first time on the call of Mahakal Sena. After this, the rapid pace of his social journeys, gatherings continued across Gujarat Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh. Sher Singh Rana ji became major part of various social consciousness forums, organizations in thousands of programs in other parts of India too.

Social struggle to ban Padmavati film:-

During this time, October – November, the buffoon of Bollywood, Sanjay Leela Bhansali was trying to discredit Mata Padmavati, who undertook Jauhar for the cause of womanhood, pride and self-respect of all indians.  Government was a mute spectator of this and the RSS & Mohan Bhagwat, the contractor of all Hindu society, was silent on the cultural character assassination of Sanatan Dharma. The entire common Rajput society abandoned its business and started a nationwide agitation on the streets all over the country. Our Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana Ji protested against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmavati through various social organizations in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and made it a matter of national discussion, repeatedly requesting the government from various social forums to ban the film. He said, the film should be banned because Mata Padmavati ji is the source of inspiration of all Indians and the faith of woman power. But the Central Government released the film thereby playing with the feelings of common Rajputs, who were agitating on the streets. Our bright Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji figured that social organizations can raise any issue but cannot solve it but even after this, Sher Singh Rana Ji thought it would be appropriate to wage a social struggle only.

Leading the Rashtrawadi Equal Rights Post Yatra against SC / ST black law:-

In March 2018, the Supreme Court ordered the government with reference to SC/ST law that there will be no arrest under this law without investigation against which Dalit organizations, on 2nd April 2018, held nationwide violent demonstrations and the Central Government (BJP), while promoting Dalit appeasement, went against the Supreme court by bringing an ordinance in Parliament and enacted unjust law against 80% people of the country. The party, which came to power because of the upper castes, enacted a new SC/ST stricter law with provisions for arrest without investigation and stringent economic penalties which triggered sudden incidents of oppression against upper castes, backward and minorities and the law became a source of extracting money from other castes. Then our fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana Ji resolved to undertake a Padyatra for the benefit of 80% of the country’s population against the anti-national, anti-justice, black law with the support of all societies whose first stop was western Uttar Pradesh. On 16 September 2018, the fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana Ji launched the padyatra from Saharanpur with the blessings of Mata Shakumbhari which reached Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Baghpat, Bijnor, Hapur, Ghaziabad, Bulandshahar, Aligarh, Hathras, Agra. This padyatra was welcomed by people of all castes, religions &  even the Valmiki Samaj and other castes of the Dalit class participated in this Padyatra against the central government. During the Padyatra, the campaign of Sher Singh Rana ji received unprecedented unforgettable public support and it was agreed that on 16 December 2018, he will express his anger against this black law of the Central Government by holding a huge public conference in Ghaziabad.

16 December: The reason for the failure of the Ghaziabad public conference and social movement: –

The public awareness Padyatra that had started on 16 September 2018, under the leadership of the fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana Ji, from Shakumbhari Mata Saharanpur against SC / ST black law ended after 3 months on the 16 December 2018 at the Ramlila Maidan in Ghaziabad, through a massive gathering of 5 lakh people. It was demanded from the Center to abolish this black SC/ST law, but the Central Government turned down this demand and our upper society was left in a state with no political options. Our acute Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji understood that unless we give independent political power to our society, our social, economic and cultural issues will not be resolved. Sher Singh Rana ji has led the struggle from front in two social movements for the last two years and felt that social organizations can raise an issue but cannot provide solutions without political domination.

Resolve of political justice "Rise of Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya)": -

Our acute Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji, on 16th  December 2018 at Ghaziabad public conference, accepted Kshatriya Samaj (Savarna Samaj) suggestion of political power. To provide 30% participation in the Indian system, according to the party’s constitution, for the minority society which has been the victim of vote bank politics for years, and to provide justice and representation in the Indian political system to other disadvantaged, exploited societies and communities, on 6th  January 2019  an independent political flag in the form of “Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Truth)” was created by the founding members. It’s aim is to abolish laws like SC/ST, improve reservation system, give political flagless castes and communities their rights and representation, unifying the law and constitution of the country for all citizens, establishing a farmers commission for farmers, providing political participation to retired soldiers thereby releasing the true meaning of the word “Rashtrawadi” and providing representation to the Savarna society which has been a victim of exploitation and unjust policies of the government in the Indian political system for 70 years.

Why the creation of a political party is the last and permanent option: –

When Sher Singh Rana ji set up a new party as the Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) to give the equitable rights to the upper castes, minorities, the backward people and other deprived societies and communities, the question of the people of our upper caste society was that after all how is the political party the solution to all the problems ???

The analyzed answer is that, earlier regional parties were formed on the basis of caste, which in the particular region and state benefited the people of their caste from government resources and financially benefiting from government jobs, prominent examples of which are the Samajwadi Party of the Yadav society in Uttar Pradesh,  Bahujan Samajwadi Party of Jatav brothers, RLD of Jat brothers, RJD of Yadav brothers in Bihar, JDU of Kurmi brothers, LJP of Paswan brothers, RLSP of Kori brothers, and INLD of Jat brothers in. After this, two alliances emerged in Indian politics, NDA (NDA) led by BJP in 1998 and UPA (UPA) led by Congress in 2004, in which these regional parties limited to a particular region and state now became part of the national politics.  These parties went to the central government to make laws in their favor, determine their participation in government resources, even if the government thought of doing something in favor of the upper caste society, they would stop it and pass the law of their society immediately,  A quick example is of what Ram Vilas Paswan and Ramdas Athawale did on the SC/ ST. The position of some political parties in caste-based parties is that they always remain with the ruling coalition, whether it is the NDA or UPA, the main parties among them are LJP of Paswan brothers, RPI of Ramdas Athawale.  The BJP-led NDA, which has been in power at the Center since 2014, has a plurality of caste-based parties who are partners in the government only and only for the leadership of their caste, which include JJP of Jat brothers, JDU of Kurmi brothers, Nishad of Nishad brothers, RLP of Jat brothers in Rajasthan, Apna Dal of Kurmi brothers in Uttar Pradesh, Subhashpa of Rajbhar brothers (not now), RLSP of Kori brothers in Bihar (not now). In earlier UPA central government of ten years, the caste-based regional parties for example in Uttar Pradesh Yadav brothers’ Samajwadi Party, Jatav brothers’ Bahujan Samaj Party, the Yadav brothers’ RJD coalition government in Bihar, have represented their caste in the center and state by being partners in the government. But no party in these two coalitions represents the Kshatriyas. Even in a small state, there is no party that represents such a large Kshatriya number which is spread nationwide and is a Rashtrawadi by birth.  This is the main reason why our fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji has given this free political flag in the form of “Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) to the Kshatriya Samaj (Savarna Samaj), Minority Society, Valmiki Samaj, Khatik Samaj, Saini Samaj, Super-Backwards and other disadvantaged societies and communities amidst adverse circumstances.

Political debut of Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya)” Haryana Assembly Elections 2019: –

Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) started its political campaign in Haryana Assembly Elections led by Sher Singh Rana ji, with the “Khat” election symbol provided by the Election Commission. In the Haryana Assembly Elections which was the political debut of our party, within 3 months of it’s establishment & recognition by the election commission, our party led by Sher Singh Rana ji, in a very remarkable way,  contested elections on public interest issues using limited resources and without any money power. The main issues being, the state of Rajput society in Haryana which had almost zero presence in the government machinery, threat of political inexistence, farmers Commission led by farmers for farmers, Savarna Commission for the upliftment and welfare of the Savarnas, freeing all cow feeding lands from illegal occupation for cow protection and providing security to women, education to children and employment to youth.

Our party, under the leadership of Sher Singh Rana ji, went to the villages through a three-month Jan Chetna Padayatra in Haryana spreading awareness and told people about our political agenda, the result of which was that the BJP which ignored the interests of the Kshatriya society and was claiming 75 seats, had a tough time to form a government and eventually had to form a coalition government with the regional party JJP. In these assembly elections, our fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji enjoyed immense popularity and even today our party serves the people in Haryana with dedication. During Lockdown, the Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) has done the best work in the service of poor, laborers, helpless and destitute animals.

Objective and agenda of Rashtrawadi Janalok Party (Satya) in view of upcoming Bihar Assembly Elections: -

Since ancient times, Bihar has been considered as the center of Indian culture and education and even today, Bihar is rich in natural resources but Bihar has been unfortunate. Today, the state is considered to be the most backward state in the country, for which the governments since independence have been responsible. The people of Bihar gave all the parties (Congress, BJP, RJD, JDU, LJP, RLSP) ample opportunities for the development of Bihar but in return, Bihar has been given unemployment, migration, poverty, backwardness, illiteracy, crime, corruption.

Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) agenda to make Bihar a progressive and developed state: –

Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) National Convenor, our fierce Rashtrawadi Sher Singh Rana ji sees Bihar as the birthplace and work place of great men like Babu Veer Kunwar Singh who led India’s first freedom struggle, Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan and Rashtrawadi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, who were active from the independence movements to the Emergency, and considers these great persons as his inspiration.

Bihar is called a “political laboratory” in Indian politics and caste has been the basis of political leadership in this laboratory. Bhumihar society, Yadav society, Paswan society, Kurmi society, Kushwaha society led Bihar in turn but were largely unsuccessful in creating Bihar, a developed state. But the Kshatriya society never got any participation in this caste experiment, it never got the privilege of leading Bihar by being at the top of the leadership. Though, Kshatriya society has always been the backbone of all political parties leading Bihar.

But in the Assembly elections this time, Sher Singh Rana ji is urging the people of Bihar to show confidence in the flag of the Rashtrawadi Janlok Party, the protector of the interests of the common people, and to form a government under the leadership of the Kshatriya society to make Bihar a developed and progressive state.

Resolution of Rashtrawadi Janlok Party (Satya) for the development of Bihar:

1. For the empowerment of women –

  • Free government and private transport fares for the movement of women
  • Free laptops to 12th pass girls
  • 51000/- to undergraduate girl students
  • Establishment of a special women’s wing in Bihar Police for the protection of women
  • Distributing free bicycles to high school and junior level

2. For Youth –

  • To provide employment for youth, State Public Service Commission, Bihar Staff Selection Commission will request for vacancies from departments every six months for government recruitment
  • Unemployment allowance to the graduating youth till the age of 35
  • Regularizing contract teachers and other contractual posts
  • To increase employment opportunities for trained youth in government and private sector
  • Establishment of ITI training institutes at tehsil level in each district

3. For farmers –

  • Firstly, to set up farmers commission headed by progressive farmers
  • Provide free electricity to farmers for agricultural activities and reduce the rate of electricity for domestic use by 50:
  • To give crop loans of up to 1 lakh to farmers at the rate of 0% (interest free)
  • To give free improved seeds to farmers at state seed stores and agricultural centers and facilitate easy supply of fertilizers.

4. For workers and laborers –

  • To create welfare schemes for workers and laborers to prevent migration in Bihar
  • To ensure 80% participation of workers and laborers in Bihar by setting up industries in Bihar

5. Other resolutions –

  • For rapid development of the state of Bihar increase education, health, agricultural budget and spending with transparency in a fixed period.
  • Firstly, after the formation of the government, the four and a half lakhs contract/contractual teachers will be regularized
  • To free Bihar from the tag of Sick/Bimaru State
  • Permanent solution to flood disaster affecting the life of Bihar every year
  • In every district, furnish government hospitals with modern treatment facilities like private hospitals & provide free medical treatment
  • Construction of sports complexes in every district at district and block levels to nurture the sports talent of Bihar so that the youth of Bihar can bring honor to the country in the Olympics, Asian and Commonwealth Games
  • To encourage farmers financially for cow protection
  • Setting up a fund for the financial assistance of the soldiers and martyrs who are representing the state of Bihar in the Indian Army
  • Build a film city for the Bhojpuri film industry
  • To promote Bihar tourism for the development of legendary and ancient culture of Bihar
  • To create a crime-free and fear-free environment for industrial investment in Bihar.
  • To ensure a respectable monthly income of the teachers of the financeless schools and the laborers of the unorganized sector
  • To give respect to the folk art, lingua franca and legends of Bihar

Resolution Letter Committee Members:

    1. Shri Pawan Kumar Som (Bihar Incharge, RJP)
    2. Shri Rajveer Gujar (Bihar Co-Incharge, RJP)
    3. Shri Sanjay Pratap Singh (State President Youth, RJP)
    4. Shri Kumar Abhishek (State Spokesperson, RJP)
    5. Samrendra Kumar Singh (Senior Member, RJP)